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Assessment, intervention, and coaching, helping unique learners thrive


Mind by Design specializes in children's ADHD assessment, testing, diagnosis, and intervention for learning disabilities (dyslexia), ADHD, and emotional/behavioral/social challenges. Our clinic provides Psycho-educational assessment, executive function coaching, and IEP consulting for parents.

Educational Psychologist in Campbell, CA
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What Does LEP Mean?

Licensed Educational Psychologist Mind by Design

Mind by Design clinicians are Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP). 
What exactly does that mean? 
It means we are psychologists whose training and experience come from an educational perspective.  Our primary role is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of learners and provide recommendations so that they can find success in school and in life.  We evaluate and coach students individually, we coach parents to work with their students and the school system, and we help parents find interventionists to support their learners, when needed. 
An evaluation is only as good as the intervention that comes from it, and we firmly believe that often, it takes a village.

What Makes Us Uniquely Qualified?

Our licensed educational psychologists continue to work in public education as school psychologists or program specialists, specifically in Campbell and Santa Clara county schools.
We have worked with every student population--preschool through post-secondary and with children who have mild to severe disabilities. 
We have worked closely with every kind of educator and specialist including general and special education teachers, reading specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, behaviorists, and the like. 
Because of this experience and collaboration, we provide a unique perspective for families, and our familiarity with California Public Education Code helps us provide appropriate, rational, manageable and effective interventions and strategies for  parents and school teams in both the public and private sector. 
We will help guide a family through the educational system in a collaborative way based on our knowledge of how general and special education systems work.  

Licensed Educational Psychologists in Campbell, CA

How Do We Evaluate?

Psycho-Educational Evaluation in Campbell, CA

We specialize in psycho-educational and school neuropsychological evaluations that assess the cognitive, processing, and academic strengths and weaknesses of learners ages 5 through 25.
Our expertise is in the identification of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), executive function deficits, and other social cognitive disorders.  
Our goal through each evaluation is to unveil the student’s learning profile and develop a targeted plan to address and overcome any challenges that impact a student’s education. 
If criteria are met, our evaluations provide both clinical and/or educational diagnoses, recognized by public and private educational systems and can be used to develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans that support learners by providing intervention services and/or supports, strategies, and accommodations.

We have a small, highly curated team of other LEPs that conduct evaluations for Mind by Design.  After our initial intake, we will determine the best fit clinician for your case.

You Might Want To Know That...

Mind by Design Licensed Educational Psychologist in Campbell, CA

We are direct and action-oriented. 
Our approach is strength-based and we strive for efficacy and efficiency.  When you work with us, our goal is that you feel like you walk away with clarity, direction and a plan.  And if you need support with that, we will coach you and/or your learner through it. 
Our ultimate goal is for a family to get the most effective results with our recommendations, and in the most efficient way possible. 
Again, assessment is only as good as the plan and execution of that plan, that comes from it. 
Together we will figure out what the problem is, how to address it, and we will help to ensure that you stay the path.

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