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Understand Your Child & Get The Help They Deserve

Uncover their path forward with psycho-educational and school neuropsychological testing, intervention, coaching and more

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Knowing How to Help Your Child Thrive Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Psycho-Educational Testing Can Help You Discover Who Your Child is & Unlock Their Potential

Your family doesn’t have to continue down a path that feels broken. The services your child needs are out there. We can provide clarity on which are the best match to help them succeed.

We offer a range of support services to address your child’s challenges, including Speech Therapy, Reading Intervention, Academic Tutoring, Executive Function Coaching, and Parent Coaching.

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Psychoeducational Assessments, Educational Support and Intervention Services

Our Unique Approach


It’s Not About
the Label

While diagnoses matter, they aren’t our focus. Our fundamental goal is understanding who your child is and how to help them thrive.

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In-Depth &


Our evaluations are incredibly comprehensive to give you peace of mind and answer all your questions.

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Assessment is Just
the Beginning

We connect you with our trusted experts or external specialists to cater to your child’s individual needs.

Ready to Have a Partner by Your Side to Help Navigate the Road Ahead?

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Could an evaluation or support services help your child?

Learn about our process for helping your family.

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We Provide the Answers You Need

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Connect With
Our Team

Let’s talk about which service is the right fit. Then we’ll guide your family through the process, ensuring your child is comfortable through every step.

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Get Prepared for
Your Service

We answer questions and concerns about the process, then complete testing to help you understand your child’s needs and challenges.

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Illuminate the
Path Forward

Thoughtful recommendations and referrals are provided. We’re committed to helping your child thrive, whether that’s with us or elsewhere in the community.

Meet Our Experienced Team

Our team of licensed and credentialed psychologists, speech and language pathologists, and education specialists have all worked within the public education system. We have many years of experience working side-by-side with parents, teachers, and specialists to help children and families just like yours.
Mind by Design was founded to provide the guidance, support and intervention that families in our community really need.

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