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Executive Function Coaching

Create opportunities for individuals to become the best versions of themselves

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What is Executive Function Coaching?

Executive Function Coaching equips individuals across all age groups – from children to seniors – with essential tools to master important executive skills to plan, initiate, and complete their goals.

These skills include:

Our Executive Function Coaching can also include academic support.

We are also happy to support parents by offering coaching with the strategies their child is learning so they can practice these important skills at home. 


Our Areas of Focus to Foster Independence



We provide frameworks to tackle important day-to-day skills such as attention, planning, and time management. 

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Personal Wellness

We work on managing nutrition, activity, and sleep because they’re essential for lifelong success and independence.

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Self & Emotional Regulation

Reflective thinking is built into our sessions to increase self-awareness and regulation of one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 


Our Coaching Process

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Connect With
Our Team

Let’s discuss your child’s strengths and needs to determine if Executive Function Coaching is the proper support.

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Build a Custom Coaching Plan

We collaborate with relevant professionals such as teachers to develop skills that are going to help them lead a more efficient and manageable life.

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Build Skills During Coaching Sessions

Clients will work with a coach 1 to 2 times weekly to build skills leading to independence, confidence, and success.

Meet Our Executive Function Specialist

Rachel Z. Roth
Education Support Specialist & Coach

I have always believed every student can achieve their goals with the right tools and support.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and History from Lake Forest College and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Santa Clara University. I have completed a graduate certificate program in transition to adulthood to help teens navigate the jump from high school to the great world beyond. I am also finishing a certificate program in Educational Therapy to further support the work I do.

I am a cheerleader for the individuals I work with and aim to help them discover the pathway to the future that is ideal for them. 


Answering Top Questions About Executive Function Coaching

No, an assessment is not required.

The specific skills developed through coaching are tailored to individual needs and may include time management, organization, follow-through, impulse control, task initiation, self-regulation, emotional regulation, and more.

We use a combination of strategies and tools to foster the development of EF skills with clients. We have a weekly check-in, set goals to work toward and work together to reach those goals. We collaborate with teachers and parents for a team approach to support development and foster a growth mindset.

We are considered an out-of-network provider, and while some of our services are covered by insurance, executive function coaching is not. We do, however, offer package rates at a reduced cost.

Please see our Billing & Insurance page for additional information.

Executive Function Coaching is for all ages, from children to adults. We serve anyone who needs support in these areas and is ready to make a change.

We love to partner with parents to help them learn strategies to help their child build executive skills at home! We can also show you the range of services available to your child at Mind by Design and elsewhere to help them be as successful as possible.

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