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Parent Coaching

Gain strategies & confidence to support your child both at home and at school 

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What is Parent Coaching?

As a parent, you want the best for your child. However, learning differences can sometimes leave you feeling heartbroken, worried, and unsure about where to find the right resources to help them.

We work with parents to understand their child’s needs and challenges and help them foster an environment at home that reduces frustration both for parents and their child, reduces anxiety, and creates opportunities for growth and progress.

Navigating the school system can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, our team has decades of experience within the school system and can provide support.

What You Can Gain From Parent COACHING

Feel Confident & Prepared



When you know how to best provide structure and support for your child, you’ll have more confidence and less stress.

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Get Clear Strategies

We’ll help you know what to ask for and the most effective approach for home and school and give you tools for both environments. 

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Feel Understood

We know how emotional it can be to learn that your child has learning differences. We listen and support you with empathy and actionable ideas.

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Understand Your Options

Gain a deeper understanding of assessments, IEPs, and recommended interventions. Get the tools to communicate with your child and their teachers.


Our Coaching Process

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Connect With Our Team

We talk about your child’s history, needs, and any steps you’ve taken thus far to help them thrive.

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Create a Roadmap

Together, we’ll create a path, set goals, and help you understand your child’s learning and access support services for them.

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Feel Empowered, Reduce Stress

When you know your child is getting the right support, you can go back to focusing on enjoying these precious years with your family. 

Meet Our Parent Coaching Specialist

Rachel Z. Roth
Education Support Specialist & Coach

I have always believed every student can achieve their goals with the right tools and support.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and History from Lake Forest College and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Santa Clara University. I have completed a graduate certificate program in transition to adulthood to help teens navigate the jump from high school to the great world beyond. I am also finishing a certificate program in Educational Therapy to further support the work I do.

I am a cheerleader for the individuals I work with and aim to help them discover the pathway to the future that is ideal for them. 

Answering Parent’s Top Questions About Parent Coaching

We can help parents of children from ages 4 through young adulthood. 

There’s no wrong time to seek coaching, but a common time for parents to reach out is when they realize their child is struggling in school or at home and aren’t sure what to do about it. We help you chart a path forward while also helping you cope with any stress or anxiety you feel about getting the support services your child deserves.

No, this service is not typically covered by insurance carriers. However, we do offer packages to include multiple sessions at a discounted rate.

Please see our Billing & Insurance page for additional information.

Absolutely! We offer in-person and online parent coaching; choose the option that best suits your family’s needs. 

No, this is not required. It is always helpful to see any previous assessments or evaluations if they are available. The more information we have about your child, the more we can help.

Still Have Questions?

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Here’s What Parents Are Saying

Feel Empowered, Knowledgeable, and Understood

Navigate Challenges With Confidence 

We’ll Help You Navigate Challenges With Confidence 

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