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Hello, I'm Catie Palumbo

I believe in empowering my clients with the tools they need to communicate with the world around them.  


I have worked in the communication field for over 10 years.  After working exclusively with Autistic children in a private setting as a Speech Assistant, I returned to graduate school to receive my Master of Education in Communication Disorders.  Following graduate school, I worked at a Bay Area charter school supporting students with a range of needs.  During that time I learned an immense amount about inclusion from a skilled group of special education educators.  My caseload included students with articulation and phonological disorders, language disorders, social pragmatic deficits, fluency and voice disorders.  I felt a need to grow my skill set and pivoted to a private practice both in a clinic and home-based setting.  My treatment focused on parent education and child-centered practices with a foundation rooted in play-based therapy.  I was lucky enough to work with clients for individual and group based sessions.  I expanded my clinical skills and became PROMPT certified as well as took courses on play-based therapeutic techniques, gestalt language processors, Social Thinking and Apraxia.  


I continue to learn from my clients and value the trust we build as we teach their goals.  

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Interested in working with me?  Let's connect!

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