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School Neuropsychological Evaluation

Psycho-Educational Evaluation in Campbell, CA

Specialized Assessment for Children, and Young Adults

Our services focus on providing comprehensive psycho-educational and school neuropsychological assessments for individuals in the age range of children and young adults. We have expertise in identifying and addressing common issues such as Learning Disorders such as dyslexia, ADHD, social-cognitive challenges, and mood disorders.

Targeting Educational Success and Overcoming Challenges

We specifically examine how cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges impact educational or work performance. By understanding the barriers that hinder success, we offer precise clinical (DSM 5) and/or educational (IDEA) diagnoses, if applicable, along with personalized recommendations for effective strategies, interventions, and accommodations.

Mind by Design Licensed Educational Psychologists

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Comprehensive Testing Process

Our testing process involves a thorough assessment comprising the following steps:

  • Background History and School Records: We gather relevant background information and review school records.

  • Interviews: We conduct interviews with parents, educators, and the individual being assessed.

  • Behavior Rating Scales: We utilize behavior rating scales to gain further insights.

  • Direct Testing: We perform comprehensive cognitive, processing, and academic achievement testing. This typically involves two to three sessions, each lasting between two and three hours.

  • Interpretation and Reporting: We interpret the test results and provide a final written report.

  • Follow-Up Meeting: We schedule a follow-up meeting to review the results and discuss recommendations.

Additionally, school observations may be recommended and included in the assessment process based on specific needs. In some cases, speech and language testing, as well as autism-specific testing, may be necessary in addition to psycho-educational testing.

Qualified and Licensed Professionals

All our clinicians are Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs) and Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists. They possess the expertise to conduct Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) and evaluate each case individually based on its merits.

Expect the final report and follow-up within approximately two to three weeks after the conclusion of in-person testing.

Is A Psycho-Educational Evaluation Right For Your Children?

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