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The Licensed Educational Psychologist’s Perspective: St. Nicholas

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Emphasizing Values and Supporting Students’ Educational Needs

As parents, we all want our children to attend schools that provide quality education and instill positive values in them. One such school is St. Nicholas, a Catholic school in our community that emphasizes morals, values, and ethics. While it is a Catholic school, it does not focus on converting non-Catholics; instead, it focuses on character education. In this blog post, we will dig deeper into St. Nicholas School and explore its standout features and offerings.

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Highly Qualified Teaching Staff at St. Nicholas: A Difference-Maker

One of the most significant factors that sets St. Nicholas School apart from other private schools is its highly qualified teaching staff. All teachers are credentialed, which is not always the case in private schools. These teachers are not only experts in their respective subjects, but they are also passionate about educating the students and shaping their character. Having teachers with such qualifications and passion is crucial for building a positive educational environment for our children.

Supporting Students’ Learning and Development

St. Nicholas School firmly believes in providing personalized attention to each of its students, which is evident in its dedicated full-time aides in every class. Additionally, the school has a learning specialist, part-time reading specialists, and a behaviorist on staff to support students with different learning needs. This is not the kind of support available at every private school and shows the school’s dedication to supporting diverse learners.

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Building a Strong Foundation

St. Nicholas School offers a wide range of enrichment classes, including science, music, art, PE, and Spanish. However, one of the most impressive aspects of its curriculum is its strong math support system. The school offers a morning math club every day in middle school, where three math teachers provide extra math support. This has been popular among students, and many have taken advantage of the opportunity to improve their math skills.

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Balancing a Large Student Population with Personalized Attention

St. Nicholas School has a large student population, with up to 32 students in some lower-grade classes. While large class sizes may not be a great fit for diverse learners,, the school does their best to ensure each student receives personalized attention by providing a teacher and a full-time aide in every class. This helps build a nurturing and supportive educational environment where students can develop good values and ethics.

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Graduating with a Strong Foundation for Success

St. Nicholas School’s remarkable features and offerings enable its students to graduate with a strong foundation for future success. Their values, ethics, and character development are equally important as academic achievement, which is evident in their high percentage of students who continue their education in a private high school.

Quality Education and Values Combined

St. Nicholas School’s focus on character education, highly qualified teaching staff, personalized attention, support for students with different learning needs, strong math support system, enrichment classes, and nurturing educational environment make it stand out among other private schools. It is a school that provides quality education while instilling positive values and shaping its students’ character. As parents, we all want our children to succeed academically and socially, and St. Nicholas School strives to achieve that mission for its students.

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