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Assessment, Intervention and Coaching to Support and Empower

We help you discover who your child is as a learner and create a path forward to get the intervention and support they need

Understand Your Child as a Learner & Find Out How to Help Them Succeed

We offer the following services

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Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Assess your child’s whole cognitive, behavioral, and learning profile.

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These assessments integrate neuropsychological and educational principles to facilitate learning and behavior within the school and family systems.

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Assess your child’s speech and language development.

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Autism Testing

Evaluate your child for autism spectrum disorder and understand how it affects their learning and development.

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IQ Testing

Cognitive assessments to learn about your child’s cognitive profile.

ADHD Testing

Determine if ADHD is impacting your child’s success in school.

Dyslexia Testing

Learn whether dyslexia is affecting your child’s learning.

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Executive Function Coaching

Learn strategies to master self-management skills and foster independence.
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Speech AND Language Therapy

Address speech and language challenges so your child communicates effectively & confidently.

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Reading Intervention

Build fluent literacy skills through targeted reading support.

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Academic Boost Tutoring

Develop essential skills that lead to fluent reading, writing, and math.
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Educational and IEP Consulting

Gain clarity and confidence for your child’s IEP and get help navigating the school system.

Parent Coaching

Gain strategies & confidence to support your child at home and school.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Your child is unique, and so is their path. If you’re unsure which evaluation or intervention is right for them, reach out! We can help you figure out where to start.

Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Expert Guidance to Create a Path Forward

Expert Guidance To Create A Path Forward

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