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Educational Psychologist in San Jose, CA

Could your child benefit from the help of a Licensed Educational Psychologist in San Jose, CA?

Parents want their children to put their best foot forward to achieve academic greatness throughout their school years. But many students struggle in school, whether due to undiagnosed learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, or even mood disorders like anxiety and depression. One solution is an educational psychologist in San Jose, CA, from a team like Mind by Design.

Mind by Design’s Licensed Educational Psychologists and Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists have a passion for helping students reach their full potential. By working with us, you and your local educational institution will have everything you need to ensure your young student can thrive. We use our expertise in psychology and speech and experience in California’s public education system to accurately evaluate students and uncover their learning weaknesses and strengths.

Our services include assessing and coaching learners, as well as partnering with parents. The goal is always to facilitate the child’s academic success by working with them, their school, and their various support systems. 

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Psycho-Educational Evaluations in San Jose

At Mind by Design, we focus on conducting comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for students aged 3 through 24. Our expertise allows us to identify common problems, such as:

  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Mood disorders, and
  • Social-cognitive challenges in learners.

Our Unique Qualifications

Our Licensed Educational Psychologists have many years of experience working within the education system. That gives us the unique advantage of not only knowing how to identify challenges that inhibit young people from learning through traditional teaching methods, but how to best navigate the educational system to support the student. We also have ample experience collaborating with parents, teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, reading specialists, and other professionals while adhering to the California Public Education Code.
With this experience and training, Mind by Design’s team is well-qualified to create interventions that parents and educators can use to support their students. Different or challenging learning processes don’t have to negatively impact a student’s academic success. And when working with an educational psychologist from Mind by Design in San Jose, CA, our comprehensive testing process will ensure that everybody has a clear understanding of the challenges your child faces in a school setting and beyond.

The Evaluation Steps from Mind by Design’s Team

We cater to the unique situations and circumstances of each child and their parents. However, our educational psychologists in San Jose, CA, rely on the following steps for a thorough evaluation:
Step 1
Gather patient history

Before assessing a child directly, we collect information concerning their background, such as their school records and pertinent medical history.

Step 2
Interview the student, guardians, and educators

After collecting data about the student, we'll talk with them, their parents, and their teachers to learn more about their character, behavior, and possible needs.

Step 3
Perform psycho-educational test

When we gather enough information, we'll move on to direct testing. We measure the student's processing, cognitive, and academic abilities over several hours across multiple sessions.

Step 4
Interpret test results and report findings

Our staff compiles the test results in a written report for reference and follow-ups.

Step 5
Make a follow-up appointment

During this appointment, we present the test results and go over our recommendations with the student's parents or caregivers. We also make appropriate recommendations and referrals for further support as needed.

Other Things Our Educational Psychologists Look For In Learners of All Ages

The Mind by Design professionals focus on helping children and young adults achieve educational success by understanding their barriers to learning in a traditional classroom environment. For example, we might explore emotional, behavioral, and cognitive factors through a thorough psycho-educational assessment. We’ll also make clinical diagnoses according to the DSM 5 or educational diagnoses if necessary.
Beyond the assessment, your child’s educational psychologist will offer some individualized recommendations to help your young learner strengthen their ability to learn and focus. For example, Individualized Education Plans provide intervention services in school. Section 504 Plans give learners certain accommodations inside the classroom.

Speech Language Assessments in San Jose, CA

Language and communication are integral to learning and thriving in everyday situations in and out of the classroom. That’s why besides psycho-educational assessments for young San Jose learners, Mind by Design also offers speech and language assessments for children and young adults.

Our Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists explore how language, speech, and literacy play a role in your child’s communication, writing, reading, and spelling skills. Through the expertise and assessments of our educational psychologist in San Jose, CA, we can then address any concerns, such as:

  • Literacy development

  • Articulation deficits

  • Social differences in language

Our purpose in conducting these assessments is to identify the challenges that a child develops due to their language or speech, be it learning, emotional, behavioral, or cognitive issues. In the same way as the psycho-educational assessment, the speech-language evaluation starts by collecting the student’s history and interviewing them and their support network.

We’ll finish the interview phase by gathering a spontaneous language sampling. We then move on to the speech or language testing, which should take a couple of hours over one or two appointments. 

It’s common for young learners to require multiple tests so that we can fully grasp their challenges and create a worthwhile intervention strategy. For example, our speech-language evaluations in San Jose may also require autism-specific or psycho-educational testing. The additional testing may increase the assessment process timeline and cost, but it will give your child’s educational psychologist or speech pathologist the most comprehensive information about their needs. 

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Educational/IEP and Parent Coaching for San Jose Students

Some students need extra services or accommodations in school to ensure they have the proper tools they need to succeed. The IEP will provide a guide that targets a student’s special education experience to ensure they can learn with the proper support in a suitable environment. A Section 504 plan is also a guide to aid in a student’s success, but it provides accommodations for students with a learning disability or barrier so that they can thrive in a classroom with their peers.

Both services will hugely benefit children and teenagers struggling in traditional classrooms due to their cognitive, educational, emotional, or behavioral challenges. However, it can be difficult for parents to navigate the IEP and Section 504 processes alone. That’s why Mind by Design’s team is so well-versed in helping families receive immediate support within California’s public education system.

After a San Jose speech-language pathologist or educational psychologist from our staff evaluates your child, we’ll pass our knowledge on to you. We want to help San Jose families facilitate the best results for their children through direct action and holistic support. We’ll work closely with you, answer all your questions, and do our best to minimize your anxiety about your children’s needs.

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