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About Mind by Design

Empowering children and families through specialized assessments and support services

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We Started Mind by Design to Help

We know how important it is for your children to feel successful. We provide assessment and intervention services in an approachable way that reduces worry and inspires growth so the children and families in our community with unique needs thrive.

We’re a team of educational psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and education specialists licensed in California whose training and experience began in schools. We bring this unique perspective to our professional private practice and provide psychoeducational and school neuropsychological assessments to uncover your child’s strengths and areas for growth in school and life. 

Our team’s background in education is utilized to provide the best support possible and make the most significant impact on children and families.

We provide clinical diagnoses when appropriate that support the need for accommodations and support services as necessary. We strive to connect students and families to the most efficient and effective path forward. 

What Sets Our Team Apart?


Our reports are written for Parents and Educators

Many parents are seeking accommodations from their child’s school. We look at your child’s learning profile from the perspective of educators and interventionists so they get information they can use effectively to help your child thrive.

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We’ve Worked With Children Like Yours

We’ve helped children from preschool age through post-secondary and across the spectrum of learning differences. We can help your child succeed, too.

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We Guide You to Individualized Support Services

We’ve built connections with professionals across our community so we can strategically recommend the very best services and interventions to get your child the targeted help as quickly as possible.

Mind by Design Team Members

Jana Parker

Founder of Mind by Design
Licensed Educational Psychologist

Bethanie Sheaffer

Licensed Educational Psychologist
Client Care Coordinator

Molly Coppel

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Eva Kowalewicz

Licensed Clinical and Educational Psychologist

Catie Palumbo

Speech and Language Pathologist

Rachel Roth

Educational Support Specialist
& Coach

Rachael Kleffer

Licensed Educational Psychologist

Serena Ince Cuyar

Academic Specialist

Jessica - Mind By Design

Jessica Hardijanto

Intake Specialist

We Help You Understand Your Child

Build a Roadmap For Success

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