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Neuropsychological Assessments

Get a clear picture of your child’s strengths & needs

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What is a School Neuropsychological Evaluation?

This assessment delves into your child’s comprehensive cognitive, behavioral, and learning profile, addressing your specific concerns and queries. At Mind by Design, our focus is on understanding the intricacies of how your child’s mind functions. We aim to capture a complete picture of your child’s individuality and how it influences their learning, enabling us to identify the most effective support for their growth and success.

If you’re considering a school neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluation, you’ve come to the right place. We approach these evaluations in the same way and use the terms interchangeably. We ensure each is as thorough as necessary to respond to referral questions and craft personalized support strategies. 

How Our Evaluation Is Different

Gain Understanding Into How Your Child Learns


Get The Support Your Child Needs

Our Licensed Educational Psychologists use the information gleaned from the evaluation to make clinical diagnoses if appropriate. There are times when a clinical diagnosis provides access to the school accommodations your child needs.

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Get Trusted Recommendations

We provide tailored recommendations for trusted service providers, therapies, and interventions your child could benefit from. We have a strong network of providers in our community and are happy to make referrals.

Is a School Neuropsychological Evaluation Right For Your Child?

School neuropsychological assessments provide clarity on the source of many learning challenges. It may be right for your child if you suspect they struggle with:

What To Expect During Your Child’s Assessment

Our School Neuropsychological Evaluation Process

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Connect With
Our Team

Each child is unique, so reach out to our team, and let’s talk about which type of evaluation will help you finally find the answers you’ve been searching for.

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Conduct the Assessment

We spend at least two sessions, 3-hours each with your child. We also do interviews and gather background history to understand their strengths, challenges, and needs.

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Get Results
& Answers

We provide the comprehensive evaluation results within three weeks of completing testing and interviews. We’ll schedule a time for a thorough review of the evaluation with you and answer your questions.

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Find Your
Path Forward

We create a path forward for your child, from helpful school accommodations, community resources, and referrals to trusted professionals if needed. We may also suggest home-based strategies to support their development. Our goal is to get your child the right support as quickly as possible.

Is There More To Discover About Your Student?

In some cases, additional evaluations such as Autism or Speech, Language, and Literacy help us paint a more comprehensive picture of how your child learns.


Answering Parent’s Top Questions About School Neuropsychological Testing

No, there is not. The foundation of a neuropsychological evaluation is we are looking at brain-based behavior. From a neuropsychological perspective we’re looking at the connection between what we hypothesize is going on with the brain and what we’re seeing. This applies to our psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations, which is why we use the terms interchangeably. 

Call, text, or fill out the contact form below to get on our schedule or discuss your situation and get insight. 

No, you do not.

This type of assessment is typically offered by practices that are considered out-of-network providers. We will provide a Superbill with CPT codes that are often reimbursed to some extent for this service. You can then check with your insurance company to see whether they will cover part or all of the assessment.

Please see our Billing & Insurance page for additional information.

For neuropsychological assessments, we typically see children over age five through to young adulthood. This assessment may be appropriate if learning challenges impact work or school. 

Our comprehensive report will be ready for you within three weeks of completing all aspects of the evaluation and interviews.

After we finish your child’s report, we meet with you to review it together and answer your questions. Our goal is to help your child succeed. We provide helpful recommendations for therapies, professionals to follow up with, and community resources that can help support your child. We’re also available to help you navigate the school system to get the accommodations your child needs.

Still Have Questions?

Get in touch with our team. 


How We Stand Out

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We Focus on Your Child as a Whole

Our evaluations do more than diagnose. They provide a picture of your child as a whole so you can understand how they learn and get the best help possible.

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We Understand School Accommodations

All of our clinicians have experience working in schools and frame our evaluation findings in terms of what it means for your child’s learning so they get matched with the right accommodations at school. 

We Collaborate With the Best Specialists

In addition to our team, we’ve built connections with professionals across our community to recommend the best services and interventions that will get your child the right help as quickly as possible. 

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We Give You a Path Forward

We want to make it EASY for you to help your child. Our reports are detailed but clear, and our recommendations for services and support are both effective and manageable for your family.

Here’s What Parents Are Saying

School Neuropsychological TesTING

Improve Your Child’s Learning Outcomes

Improve Your Child’s Learning Outcomes With A Comprehensive Evaluation

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