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Insurance: What You Need to Know

Mind by Design, like other practices that offer similar services, is considered an out-of-network provider by insurance companies. As a result, we do not accept insurance directly. However, your health insurance company may reimburse some or all of your child’s services.

To determine if you have coverage through your insurance carrier, we recommend giving them a call to ask some questions like:

If you decide to seek reimbursement for our services from your insurance carrier, we’re happy to provide a Superbill to assist you.

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What is a Superbill?

A Superbill includes diagnosis code(s), dates and minutes of service, and CPT codes for service types. You can submit it directly to your insurance company to receive reimbursement.

What are CPT Codes?

A Current Procedural Terminology code, or CPT code, is a standardized numerical code used across medical service providers and insurance carriers to track and bill medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.

We provide CPT codes for families seeking reimbursement from their insurance carrier for services we provide for their child.

Please note that these services are not covered by insurance, and therefore, we do not have CPT codes for these:

  • Academic Boost Tutoring
  • Executive Function Coaching
  • Parent Coaching
  • Educational IEP Consulting

Below are CPT codes that could apply to our services. However, as we won’t know what best applies to your child until we work with them, you may ask your insurance about each code, and we can discuss it further.

CPT Service


Autism assessment

96112, 96113

Evaluation of speech sound production


Evaluation of speech sound production; with evaluation of language comprehension and expression


Evaluation of speech fluency


Neuropsychological testing

96132, 96133, 96136, 96137

Speech and language therapy


Flexible Booking and Payment Options

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Booking Assessments & Evaluations

A deposit is processed to reserve an assessment appointment. The balance remaining is due on the final day of testing.

Our team

Cost-Effective Support Packages

For ongoing support, we offer packages for services like Executive Function Coaching and Academic Boost Tutoring at reduced prices.

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Flexible Payment

We strive to make your payment process as convenient as possible. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as FSA and HSA cards.

We Proudly Accept CareCredit

Would You Like to Pay For Your Assessment Over Time?

Use the CareCredit credit card to help finance your healthcare needs!Now you can pay online with CareCredit at the time of care, when you get a post-care bill, or up to 30 days before your appointment, quickly and securely. Special financing options are available.*Visit or contact our office to learn more.Ready to apply? Apply Online for your CareCredit card today.

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Ask us for details.

Paying For The Care Your Child Needs Doesn’t Have To Be A Headache

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