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Los Altos Christian School: Small School, Big Opportunities

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When choosing the best school for your child, parents seek a nurturing environment with individualized attention, excellent academic programs, and a safe campus. Los Altos Christian School ticks all the right boxes.

This small school in the serene town of Los Altos, California, boasts an impressive campus and curriculum catering to kindergarten to high school students. What makes Los Altos Christian School stand out is that it not only has a classroom for every grade level, but it also has a classroom for every grade level designed for students with unique learning needs. In addition, LACS integrates religious services into its schedule without requiring church affiliation, meaning students from all religious backgrounds are welcome. Los Altos Christian School could be an excellent choice for parents seeking a small school with a well-rounded education program that offers individualized attention and impressive learning support programs.

Serene Campus for Academic Excellence

The campus at Los Altos Christian School is undoubtedly one of its biggest assets. Located in the heart of Los Altos, amidst rolling hills, the campus offers a tranquil environment conducive to learning and growth. All classrooms are designed to accommodate no more than 14 students per grade level, ensuring that each student receives ample individualized attention.

Los Altos’ teachers go above and beyond to enrich every child’s educational experience. Not only do they hold teaching credentials, but they are also certified through the prestigious Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Los Altos prides itself on maintaining a continuous professional growth and development culture. This commitment ensures their teachers have the tools and strategies to create engaging and impactful classroom experiences.

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Individualized Attention and Comprehensive Curriculum

The school’s curriculum is comprehensive and ensures each student is prepared to succeed in college and beyond. The school’s academic program covers the core subjects such as Math, Science, English, and History but also includes electives such as Fine arts, Drama, and Technology. During the school week, students participate in chapel services that allow them to reflect and connect with their faith. Attending chapel service is required, but students are not required to be affiliated with any particular church.

One of the strengths of Los Altos Christian School is its impressive learning support program. The program is designed to cater to students seeking individualized attention or struggling academically. The program is separate from grade-level classes but embedded in them, meaning students can receive help from multiple teachers without being entirely removed from their peers. This system provides struggling students the support they need while maintaining their integration into the classroom. In addition, structured literacy is taught in the mainstream program, and they use the Wilson Fundations program at K-1.

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Beyond the Classroom: Community Engagement and Experiential Learning

The school strongly encourages and provides ample opportunities for community engagement in activities beyond the classroom. For high school students, clubs and activities range from Robotics to Debate Club, while extracurricular activities for younger students include athletics, choir, and drama. These activities allow students to build relationships with their peers and develop practical skills that will be useful outside the classroom.

Nurturing Growth and Building Strong Foundations

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most critical decisions a parent has to make. Los Altos Christian School provides parents with many elements that make a great school: small class sizes, individualized attention, a comprehensive curriculum, and a serene campus. Los Altos Christian School is an excellent choice for parents who value quality education and individualized attention.

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