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Rachel Z. Roth

Rachel Roth

My true passion is helping teens and young adults realize their full potential and guiding them to learn what tools and next steps are necessary for them to achieve their goals, both for now and into the future. I pride myself on working with both the student and their families to create a plan of action that leads to success.

I have been in the field of education for the last 20 years. I grew up in Illinois have taught at a Title I middle school, in a private high school, and in public schools in a variety of settings, ranging from being a History Teacher to teaching Special Education and being a Resource Specialist. I have taught at all levels, from Elementary School to High School. My diverse experiences have shaped who I am today as a practitioner and have fueled my passion to help students on their own educational journey. 

I have always believed that every student can achieve their goals when provided the right tools and support. I strive to empower my students and their families to reach for the stars while knowing and understanding their strengths and challenges and the impact they will have on their future path. While I truly love teaching and the interactions it brings, I have always wanted to do more to support students. Additionally, I have always been interested in helping teens navigate the world between high school and the great world beyond and helping them discover the pathway to the future that is ideal for them. With that passion, I completed a graduate certificate program in transition to adulthood so that I could be up to date with the latest research and information in the field of transition (post-secondary pathways) and support young adults and their families as they prepare for what happens after completion of high school.

One of the things that makes me uniquely qualified for this role is my own personal history and journey. I am not only a professional working with neurodiverse youth and adults, I am also a member of a neurodiverse family. Both my husband and son have neurodiverse needs. Being a mom of a child with special needs has given me the unique experience of understanding what it is like to sit on both sides of the table when meeting with teachers and therapists about the best ways to support a student’s unique learning profile. It has been my experience as a Special Needs mom that pushed me to do more and find more ways to support the community of neurodiverse families. I am in the process of finishing my graduate certificate as an Educational Therapist because I feel like that fully encompasses the work that I do and the type of support that I provide to students and their families.

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, and my own passion for learning and my desire to open pathways for all students led me to look for something more beyond the classroom. Since 2017, I have been doing a variety of private consulting to help support young adults and their families as they learn more about what they need to be successful learners and to best prepare them for the post-secondary transition process. I believe in using a holistic approach in my work, using a combination of mindfulness, growth mindset, and reflective thinking alongside the development of tools and strategies an individual needs to make forward progress and achieve their goals. I pride myself in designing unique, individualized programs for every client because there is no “one size fits all” approach to learning.

I truly look forward to working with you on finding the path that works best for you!

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