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Transition Assessment

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Comprehensive Assessment for Successful Transitions after High School

Comprehensive assessment related to career and post-secondary (after high school) options for adolescents and young adults.

Unlocking Potential for Future Success

We specialize in comprehensive transition assessment that helps an adolescent and family understand the strengths, preferences and interests of the student in terms of future education, career, and independent living options, and any skills that need support and development in order to bridge the gap between where they are currently and what they want to achieve.

Unlocking Potential for Future Success image.jpg

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Building a Path to Achieve Goals

We can then help the family access community resources to support the launch to adulthood, work with the student and family through coaching, and/or work collaboratively with the student’s school team to develop a targeted transition plan.

Tailored Assessment Options for Your Needs

Transition assessment can be a stand-alone comprehensive assessment or an add-on to a psycho-educational evaluation

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