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Hello, I'm Todd Parker

My goal is to support clients in becoming more confident, content, emotionally intelligent individuals. In coaching, we identify and reframe the mindsets that keep us from thriving, create S.M.A.R.T goals that connect us with our 'why,' and develop actionable routines and plans for reaching those goals.  We develop accountability, perseverance, and a stronger identity in the process!

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Todd Parker
Mindset & Communication Coach

Family communication can be a challenge at all stages of life. As a coach, I work individually with students and their parent(s) on the mindsets that both prevent and promote warm, inviting, productive communication. Where the mind goes, everything else follows. Communication is the only tool we have to influence a change in thought, belief, action, situation, and behavior.

Coaching for students focuses first on mindset, supporting your student in finding and connecting with their 'why', their purpose, and what fills them up inside. We work on generating options for taking a 'temperature check' of our thoughts. This helps them develop the skill of 'pausing' to find balance when feeling overwhelmed. Your student will work on their morning and self-care routine, set weekly as well as long term S.M.A.R.T. goals (e.g. school, relationships, sports, career, etc.), and determine their action steps as they align their daily life with the goals and values most important to them. Each step of the process is rooted in establishing clear, confident communication, and requires your child to plan, organize, prioritize, problem solve, make decisions, and ultimately take accountability for their life circumstances. We seek to empower!

For parents, coaching is about knowing that your child is being supported in building accountability and a myriad of important life skills rooted in executive functions. They now have support in high school, college, and beyond! This should allow a shift in focus to now determine what role you must play in alleviating the tension that permeates your household. Coaching supports you, the parent, in reframing the relationship with both your child and the situation. We work together to refine your mindset and approach, creating concrete communication strategies for more effective use of body language, word choice, timing, and tone. You will learn how to foster a safe and welcoming communication climate in which your child can thrive. 

Scholastically, I hold both my Master's and Bachelor's degrees with distinction in Communication Studies. I am currently a Professor of Communication Studies and California State University, Northridge, teaching a wide range of speech and communication courses including interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, leadership, public speaking, argumentation, strategic speaking and writing, and organizational and intercultural communication. I've also had the pleasure of teaching at Cal Poly Pomona, Pierce Community College, and College of the Canyons in Valencia, CA.

Previously, from a young age, I had the exciting and joyous experience of working in the music business, where I co-founded a successful independent record label and served as a Senior A&R Executive for major recording artists. For over a decade I played an integral role in artist development. Among other things, I worked closely with young songwriters and recording artists to identify, interrupt, and transcend the limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevented their personal and professional success. Similarly, as a college professor, I strive to fill the champion, mentor, advocate role for students as they navigate the pressures of life and explore what they think, feel, want, and need.

No matter where your child is on their life journey, I welcome a conversation about how mindset and communication coaching can support everyone in becoming more confident, content, and emotionally intelligent humans.


"Working with Todd, I was able to become better adjusted to my environment and learned how to efficiently approach my workload. He created a space where I could go with any troubles I was facing and not expect just a listening ear, but also a solution. Mindset and executive function coaching helped me stop feeling overwhelmed by my work, and subsequently allowed me to create time in my day for myself and the things I love to do. Overall, after my sessions with him, I am both more prepared for challenging academics and capable of enjoying myself in the process."

- Motivated 16 year old female

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Interested in coaching with me?  Let's connect and see if we are a good fit!


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