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Parent! Gain Clarity And Develop An Action Plan With 

The Parent Guidance Session Giveaway

This Giveaway Is Exactly What You Need If...

  • You have been searching for solutions to help your child succeed. 

  • You are overwhelmed by how difficult it is to get additional support for your child's school. 

  • You are tired of looking for the answers to questions you have been asking for years. 

  • You are ready to have a concrete action plan and someone by your side to help your child succeed. 

Your Family Is Our Focus, With Mind By Design, You Will Never Walk Alone. 

The Parent Guidance Session Giveaway Includes:

A 1-hour one-on-one parent coaching session with Jana Parker, clinical director and educational psychologist at Mind by Design. Jana is an expert at identifying concerns, finding solutions, and creating an action plan to help children succeed in any environment.

With Jana by your side, you will walk away with clarity surrounding your child's unique challenges, a conscious parenting toolkit, resources for peak academic performance, and a framework to move forward.

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Hi, I'm Jana!

I am passionate about helping families better understand their student's strengths and weaknesses and implement actionable steps to support their growth. I empower both students and their parents with tools and support and consider myself a wellness coach for education.

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