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Speech and Language Assessment

We specialize in speech-language assessments for children and teenagers. Common concerns include speech/articulation deficits, language and/or literacy development and social/pragmatic differences.  Our assessments focus on how all speech, language and literacy skills intertwine and impact your child’s functional communication and reading/writing/spelling development.
We focus specifically on how challenges impact school or work (cognitive, emotional, or behavioral).  Once we identify the challenges, we provide clinical (DSM 5) (if applicable) and recommend targeted strategies, interventions and accommodations to address them.  
Testing typically includes the following:  Obtaining background history; review of school records; interviews with parents, educators, and the learner; spontaneous language sampling; 
direct formal speech and/or language testing (usually one or two sessions that are approximately two hours in length), interpretation of test results, a final written report and follow up meeting to review results.  Sometimes psycho-educational testing and autism-specific testing are needed in addition to a speech-language assessment, and are added to the process as needed.  Families can expect the final report and follow up approximately two to three weeks after the last date of in-person testing.
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