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Mind by Design provides IQ testing for private school admissions as well as for parents seeking insight into their child's cognitive profile.
The WPPSI IV (5 and under) and WISC V (6 and up) are administered by Licensed Educational Psychologists.

Full Process

  1. Schedule testing by completing the contact form or calling or texting (669)282-2510.
  2. Provide information about your child through a google form.  You will also correspond with the examiner. 
  3. IQ Testing in the Mind by Design office with the examiner
    • WPPSI IV (5 and under) or WISC V (6 and up)
  4. Narrative report with behavioral observations and scores sent to school(s) with parent permission
    • Optional for parents to review assessment results with the examiner

Assessment Given

  • Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence, Fourth Edition (WPPSI IV)
    • ​Ages 4:0-7:7​ (5 and under for private school admissions)
    • $700
  • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Fifth Edition (WISC V)
    • Ages 6:0-16:11​
    • $750

IQ Testing


What is the right age for child IQ testing?

The age is less important than the reason. The IQ test should be taken with a specific purpose, like admissions for private schools or as part of a psycho-educational evaluation.


IQ tests are normed by age, so if your child is 4 years, 0 months, the scores will be compared to other children of that same age.  If your child has the emotional and mental maturity to participate in tabletop activities with an adult for an hour, he/she will be just fine.  We do everything we can to ensure they are comfortable and have breaks as needed.  Time usually goes by quickly.  We want your student to show us his/her best so we help them feel most comfortable, no matter the age.  If your student just turned 4 and you are concerned about maturity or attention span, we can schedule for later in the admissions season.  Spots fill quickly, so get your appointment on the calendar, regardless of the month.

What should I tell my child about the test?

With young children in particular, we encourage parents to downplay the notion of a “test” and suggest that it is a time to have an adult's undivided attention to complete tasks and help with important jobs. It is a great time to share what they know.  They can think about it like "school" where the teacher will ask them to do different activities and they are asked to give their best effort.


We will help your child feel relaxed and engaged. We offer breaks as needed.

Our office space is comfortable and friendly, and parents can sit just outside the office door or on the office balcony.

My child is anxious about taking tests..

As licensed clinicians who provide treatment to children with anxiety, we know how to help kids with a variety of personalities feel comfortable.  

We believe it's important to have warm up time with children prior to the test using play materials or talking about their interests so that they can feel at ease and demonstrate his/her abilities with confidence.

We offer a quick virtual meet and greet ahead of testing if needed, to help children feel more prepared and comfortable with the examiner.

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