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Hello, I'm Ambera DeLash

I'm a dedicated elementary school teacher invested in providing all students with learning opportunities, optimizing student academic and personal growth. I'm passionate about providing differentiated learning opportunities for students with specific learning needs. I thrive on supplying students with certain strategies to control their strong emotions that may be interfering with their academic success.

Ambera DeLash
Education Specialist

By day, I am an experienced elementary school teacher.  I have taught kindergarten through second grade for over a decade in both public and private institutions.  I have a passion for supporting students with unique learning needs and in my intervention practice, I use my wide range of curricular knowledge to differentiate and individualize instruction for my students one on one.  In my private practice I have an opportunity to target intervention, which I find limiting in the classroom setting.


During my lessons, I give direct and detailed instructions, model expectations, and redirect students to attain the objective of the given activity. I encourage students to take risks and learn from their mistakes. I believe students benefit from using manipulatives during activities which enables them to cognitively understand the process. By taking the time to formulate each lesson, I am guiding positive academic learning experiences. I take extra effort in having materials available for differentiated learners during my lessons. Students learn at different levels throughout the year, so I constantly modify the activity to meet the needs of the student, giving them an equal opportunity to learn.


I am a firm believer in continued learning and professional development.  After earning my Teaching Credential, I continued my education by earning my Master of Arts in Education.  Last year, I started the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Committee for my school. I provided monthly lessons for elementary and middle school educators targeting specific topics driven by student actions.  I continue to support other teachers and together we hone our skills and provide quality and innovative instruction for our students.  I have trained and supported social emotional learning at the schools I have and continue to work at, and bring that experience to my individual practice.


My ultimate goal as an educator is to watch each student grow in confidence and academic maturity while achieving their personal objectives and enjoying their activities throughout the day. Seeing the excitement on my students’ faces when they’ve had a learning moment makes me extremely proud to be an educator and leader. 

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