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Are you overwhelmed by your child’s behavior? Do you know how to define what it is that is bothering you? Would you like to know how to change it?

Get instant access to the Free Positive Parenting Behavior Diary and have all of the information you need in one place to help your child ‘s behavior and your sanity!

As the founder and Clinical Director at Mind by Design, I have worked with hundreds of families and they are all searching for the same thing; a clear path to help their children succeed and ways to improve the harmony in their homes.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to find this path and have created this free Positive Parenting Behavior Diary to make it easier for you to get clarity around whatever behavior you want to address and help your child shift that behavior in a positive way..


 Inside You Will Find:

  • a detailed list to help you define the behavior

  • an easy-to-use chart to help you track the behavior for 7 days

  • expert guidance on how to use your data to shift your child’s behavior for the better

  • expert guidance to help hold you accountable to positive parenting so the shifts become permanent and improve the harmony in your home


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